• Linda Williams

Where is the Love?

My blog this week is is very simple.

Why do so many people in this country appear not only hate one another but want to harm each other. There is no respect or regard for human life.

I lived through the civil rights demonstrations of the 1960’s and now this. It is so disheartening to see the realization that there has been so little change. white supremacists want to see only whites remain in this country. How do they propose to do that? Kill us? Send us back where we came from (for African-Americans where would that be since you your ancestors brought us here)? What do yo do with the multitudes of people in the country who are of mixed race?

I know I have more questions than answers this week. I have one last question. What will it take for us to live together peaceably? Where is the UNITED States of America?

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