• Linda Williams

Where Does Your Strength Come From?

Take a few minutes to think about where you get the strength to move forward with the decisions you make. Do you do it based on your will (you just make up your mind)? Do you just take a risk (you leap and hope for the best)? Is it spiritual (you ask God to guide you and follow as you are led)?

The right choices in life don’t always feel good when we make them, but we also don’t know future consequences. I try to look to spiritual help from God for my decisions. I tell my friends and family the decisions God shows me are usually the opposite of what I would choose but, at some point, I may see the reason why it was the right choice. You also have a sense of peace when your choice agrees with God’s guidance.

This weekend I was faced with a huge decision, whether to stay or leave (I will spare you the details). I wanted to leave and I had put my list together. After much prayer I was shown that I must stay and God would give me the strength I need to endure any difficulties and it would be a blessing for others as well as myself.

I think that is the most profound difference between spiritual decisions and those driven by any other force. When we choose to go the way we believe God is telling us, He has our back to get us through it. You must, of course believe in God, salvation and faith.

So, What force guides your decisions?

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