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  • Linda Williams

Reading, Writing, Journaling

Summer is over, we are leaving fall and heading straight into winter. We all know what happens in the winter. We are inside because in many places it is cold and dreary. Perhaps you are thinking what I am thinking, that it is a good time to read or write.

This is the time to pick up that book you've been trying to read, the book you have been trying to write, or just hone your journaling skills. Perhaps you always wanted to write a book but were so busy enjoying the summer that you never got around to it.

All of these things take planning. If is a book you want to read, schedule the time to do it. Perhaps it should be at the end of the day when you need to unwind. If you want to write that book, it takes even more discipline. What is the point of your book? What is the title? Who will your readers be?

Take some time over the weekend, think about what you want to do over the winter months. If it is not reading or writing what is it? Once you make your decision, make a plan and the time to do it. The only person stopping you is you!

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