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  • Linda Williams

Does Hate/Hurt Have a Boomerang Effect?

I don't hear the term boomerang used much anymore, although I did see the term "Boomerang adults" used referring to young adults who leave home and then return (but that is a different blog).

A boomerang is defined as "A bent or curved piece of tough wood used by Australian Aboriginal peoples as a throwing club, one form of which can be thrown so as to return to the thrower; to cause harm to the originator; backfire ("

As we think about hate/hurt, it doesn't seem like the originator is affected. Those of us who have experienced these actions against us feel that the originator has evaded any retaliation from their actions. I disagree with that theory and here is why.

Rabbi Yehuda Berg said, "Hurt people hurt people." The theory being that those who hurt and have hate for others have received the same treatment. Their act is actually a retaliatory reaction to make them feel better but, in many cases, it comes right back on them. Do we do the same thing when we are mistreated? If we do, when and where does it stop? How does it stop?

To hate means to dislike intensely or passionately; have hostility against; detest. To hurt means to cause mental pain or offend ( What is so bad about a person that causes us to have such hostility toward or want to offend them? Sometimes we don't even know them! If we can stop, ask ourselves that question, BEFORE we show hate or hurt toward someone I believe our country could turn a corner in the healing process.

The next time someone says something hateful or hurtful to you stop and think before reacting. Sometimes it is easier said than done but what a difference it would make. Let's begin to think with our heart not our emotions!

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