• Linda Williams

Defend Your Beliefs

Do you believe that good can overcome evil? I participated in a panel discussion yesterday with a multi-racial group. We viewed clips of the January 6th Capitol Riot compared to “Black Lives Matter” marches last year.

As I watched and listened I thought “What are we really learning here? First, these two significant, historical moments show us the difference between meaningful, peaceful protests and uncontrolled rage. Second, these events ripped the covers off to reveal the ugly truth that some of us knew was there but people have tried to bury or gloss over for centuries; racism and white supremacy. Third, it shows if you stand up for what you believe in, good or bad, your voice will be heard.

We cannot sit back and allow evil to triumph over good. That is not the natural order of things. We are fearful of the unknown or what we don’t understand. What we do know is God created us equal (if you don’t believe in God that is a separate issue). The fact is we are all on this earth and we must find a way to live together. We must have uncomfortable conversations so that we can at least be tolerant of and civil to each other.

Let‘s begin 2021 by finding ways to come together, at every age group, every class and ethnicity, discuss our differences and work through them. We can do it. Right now we can be face to face, without being physically together. We can have those uncomfortable conversations in the comfort of our home thanks to the technology of virtual meetings like the one I attended yesterday.

Do you really believe good triumphs over evil? If you do, what will you do today to contribute?

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