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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Survivors Need Help Too!

By now we are all know that October is the month to focus on breast cancer awareness. I have been actively involved this month attending conferences, summits and, last Sunday, participating in a 5 mile breast cancer walk at Jones Beach, Long Island.

As we provide encouragement, services and support groups to women (and men) while they are going through their cancer fight, there is one more important group of people to focus on and that is survivors. It reminds me of when someone goes through any traumatic experience; an accident, death of a loved one or breast cancer surgery. We are there to support, assist and encourage them while they are going through the process. Once they are on the other side of their experience everyone seems to disappear.

I was watching Good Morning America today and listening to breast cancer survivors talk about how little (if any) continued guidance or resources they are given to find support groups. As I watched the segment, survivors were encouraged to contact the Susan G. Komen website at You can email them at or call 1-877-465-6636 to find support groups in your area.

I have not been through having breast cancer but I I am dedicated to supporting the search for a cure after losing my Mom to breast cancer. My sister-in-law is a breast cancer survivor and I also have a dear friend who had breast cancer and is now a survivor and thriver for 18 months. She shared with me how much her support groups help her even now. She has also become an advocate, sharing her story with individuals and a speaker at conferences whenever she has the opportunity. If you know a breast cancer survivor, call them today and ask how they are doing. It is a small gesture that means a lot. Also, support breast cancer awareness all year long.

God bless our breast cancer survivors/thrivers as well as those who are still fighting this disease.

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