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  • Linda Williams

An Angry Moment Can Change the Trajectory of Your Life

Do you control your anger or does it control you? Think about that for a minute. When I was working I had a sign on my desk that said “He who angers you controls you.” Anger can take your mind to places and cause you to do things you never thought you were capable of. We all become angry sometimes but the issue is how do we deal with it? Here are some questions I ask myself to gain perspective when I am angry (perhaps they can help you as well):

  1. Are you angry at a person or a situation?

  2. What exactly are you angry about?

  3. what kind of action is your anger leading you to take?

  4. What could be the consequences of those actions?

  5. Are those consequences worth it to express your anger?

  6. In what alternative ways can you express your displeasure or exasperation in a calm, civilized manner?

Moments of anger can gain momentum until you are out of control. You may then make impulsive moves that can change the entire path (trajectory) of your life in a negative way. Consider the following to regain control: 1. Deep breathing 2. Prayer or meditation 3. Let some time pass before taking action 4. Talking to a professional Please share ways that help you to take control of your anger.

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