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  • Linda Williams

A Tribute and a Reminder

This week's post focuses on reminding us that people are placed in your life for a specific season or time. We think we have an endless amount of time with them when, actually, we have no idea when the season will be over and they will move, commonalities will change, or they will pass away.

I I know this because I have have had important people removed from my life unexpectedly over the years, but the latest one took me by surprise. The pastor of my church, my mentor, encourager and motivator, passed away recently. Our entire congregation was in shock when we were notified. As I came to grips with this void in my life, I lost my motivation to blog, which is why I have not posted in awhile. It was with Pastor's encouragement that I started this blog in 2018.He inspired me to many other things that were revolutionary for me and helped others to realize their purpose. I am grateful that, no matter how difficult the assignment or idea he presented to me, I always accepted the challenge. The process involved in each one allowed me to grow and become more confident.

As I reflected on his impact in my life, I am grateful that we stayed in touch, even during the pandemic when the church doors were closed. He contacted me with positive comments about my blogs and other endeavors that I was doing. He was a wonderful man and a great spiritual leader to myself and everyone he met.

I share this experience with you as a reminder to encourage you to stay in touch with people who are important in your life. As we become busy again with the new normal of life, don't forget to take time to call, visit, text or email those people who are and have been impactful. Make sure you make the most of the season (time) that you have with them.

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