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  • Linda Williams

5 Ways to Build Your Confidence

How do you build confidence to accomplish the things you want to do in your life? I will tell you from personal experience it is not always easy but it is possible.

Recently I started posting YouTube videos to promote my coaching services. It was actually due to a comment by a very dear mentor of mine who said my blogs were great but I should do vlogs. I do not like putting myself out there but I knew he was right. It took me over a year but my first video went live 3 weeks ago. How did I do it? Here are 5 things that helped me:

  1. I convinced myself that, if I wanted to be successful in my business it was necessary to reach the segment of the population who watches You Tube.

  2. Make sure you have mentors in your life who care about you, then listen to their suggestions.

  3. Do your homework! Whatever endeavor you are undertaking do your homework. I watched the best and worst videos to learn do’s and Don’ts and took notes. Become knowledge and develop an expertise.

  4. Be prepared! Take courses, rehearse, have the proper equipment, look the part. Do whatever you need to do to achieve the results you desire. Your results will reflect your level of preparation.

  5. Most of all, you must have COURAGE not fear! Believe in yourself, believe you can do what you want to do. Be willing to step out of the boat. If you stay in the boat you will live life as a spectator. Don't listen to naysayers and those who criticize or distract you. Listen to your mentors and supporters and disregard the rest.

How do you build your confidence? If you need a mentor or supporter to help you email me at so that we can have a conversation. If you would like to view my first video here is the link Begin working toward your success today!

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