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  • Linda Williams

10 Simple Rules to Live By

Here are 10 rules that will truly make your life simpler (as well as those around you):

1. Make the small effort to use pleasantries

every day; good morning, good night, please, thank you, I’m sorry, etc.

2. Smile at others! It will brighten your day and theirs. 3. Be aware of those around you and do simple acts of kindness; hold doors, etc.

4. Be considerate when driving. 5. Respond to phone calls and text messages. 6. Stand by your word. If you make a promise

keep it. 7. Do not Gossip or speak negatively of others. 8. Be forgiving. 9. Admit when you are wrong. 10. Compliment others when appropriate.

I don’t know about you but I have grown weary of the way we treat each other. The above are so simple to do and involve almost no physical effort, just a little practice and mind focus. Will you give it a try?

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