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Church Etiquette: A Handbook for Manners & Appropriate Behavior in Church

This is an in depth but easy to read handbook written to examine the connection between the Word of God and the rules of etiquette.  Each chapter provides scriptures with corresponding rules of etiquette.  Suggestions are provided to implement these rules into our houses of worship and our everyday life.  Thought provoking questions are asked for meditation and reflection on our current behavior in our houses of worship.  This handbook will provide insight to allow God to lift you to a level that will make Matthew 7:12 a reality in your life.  

*This book is being used as a textbook for a class on Ministerial Excellence at Bethel Bible  Institute, Queens, NY. 

Church Etiquette: A Handbook for Doorkeepers

If you stand at the doors of your church to let worshipers in or out or, if you assist in keeping order and decency in the sanctuary, this book is for you.  If you are interested in the characteristics and qualities to be a doorkeeper or usher in your church, this book is for you. 

The focus of this book is on the spiritual characteristics of an effective doorkeeper.  Some instructional rules are discussed.  The uniqueness of this book is that it connects the rules of courtesy with the responsibilities and spirit that a doorkeeper should strive for.  Courtesy is also connected to the Word of God as stated in 1 Peter 3:8.

Whether you are a doorkeeper, pastor or leader or layperson in the church, this book will provide insight to those who stand at the door at the house of the Lord.

Excuse You! The Benefits of Living Courteously

Did you ever hold the door for someone who walked right through without thanking you? You want to say very loudly, "Excuse You!" That kind of scenario captures the essence of this book. During random conversations about rudeness, I began to think, "How can we, who believe rudeness is rampant, initiate change?" In reality, only the individual can change or improve themselves. We must become a glaring example of courtesy as rude individuals are glaring examples to us.


Can we really make our own lives better by being nice to someone else? "Excuse You!" says, without question, yes! It begins with a brief description of how courtesy originated. The focus then shifts to identify obstacles to being more courteous, solutions to overcome obstacles, and a plan for change. That thing we complain about (rudeness) is within our power to reverse. I invite you to discover a different perspective of courtesy.”


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